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Winery Review -Ashes and Diamonds

Ashes and Diamonds

It’s rare to have a new winery open in Napa. With so many brands competing for space and permits, it’s a difficult road and many decide it’s not for them. So, we were delighted to see a new, modern building go up, viewable from highway 29 and only 10 minutes from downtown. After opening late last summer, it has been slowly building its faithful audience of stylish tasters looking for an alternative to tasting in a packed wine bar.  

We overheard someone call it the Scribe of Napa…which after visiting both, I can see why. Ashes and Diamonds allows its guest to do what so many wineries do not, to relax. Wine is about being social, mingling with the table next to you and sipping your wines with views of the vineyards.

While seated in low, mid-century conversational seating areas, you taste 4 wines, all delicious, and made by some of Napa’s most well-esteemed winemakers.

Our favs were the Blanc, the Cabernet Franc and the Grand Vin….but they let us know their rosé would release soon, so we will naturally be back to enjoy it in their lovely Adirondack chairs on the patio!

To note, they have interesting workshops and speakers come to the winery so check out their events page!

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