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Interview with Erica and Nikki from YES WAY ROSÉ

Interview with Erica and Nikki from YES WAY ROSÉ

Erica Blumenthal and Nikki Huganir have been tearing it up on the rosé scene as of late. Their newest project, in partnership with Target, has Yes Way Rosé bottles on Target shelves across the country. AND, the perfectly pale pink wine is delicious! These two uber creative ladies, and best friends, parlayed an inside joke into a very clever Instagram handle that took off. Now, with two delicious rosés under their belt, Summer Water and Yes Way Rosé, business is booming. We met Erica back in 2016 at a delightful brunch at The Standard in Manhattan, and of course, bonded as fellow rosé fanatics and business adventurers. I asked Erica five questions, getting the skinny on what she snacks on when rosé-ing, hot spots to score rosé in NYC and what's next for these two business-savvy women...

Is there a bottle of rosé, or rosé moment, that started it all for you?  

We wish we could pin it to an exact moment or bottle, but it was really like once we started sipping French rosé it became a big part of our lives.  It was love at first taste.  

What’s your favorite snack to accompany a glass of rosé? 

For snacking I love most types of cheese, olives, popcorn, berries, chips and guac or a spicy salsa.  

Where do you plan to enjoy Yes Way Rosé this summer? 

We've been hard at work this winter in New York and can not wait to kick back.. anywhere warm! I'll be drinking it wherever my friends and family are so we can enjoy together. Wherever Nikki and I travel I'm sure we'll be toting a bottle around with us too.    

Any NYC local spots that you’re digging the wine list recently? 

We just went to Cote for a celebratory dinner and had amazing cocktails, including their popular Friesling, and then a bottle of Burgundy rosé with dinner. Their sommelier Victoria James has impeccable taste and the wine list has a robust rosé section (always a good sign.)  At Masa Takayama's new more casual Tribeca spot Tetsu we ordered sake and for desert sipped spiced hot cocoa with amaro.  We left very happy customers.  We're dying to check out Legacy Records from the team behind Charlie Bird and Pasquale Jones. If those restaurants are any indication this wine list is going to be off the hook.  

What’s next for Yes Way Rosé?  

We just released Yes Way Rosé wine and are going to support and grow the wine along with our lifestyle products.  And we are in the midst of writing a Yes Way Rosé book (!) that will be out next year. 

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