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Interview with Elan Fayard from Azur Wines

Interview with Elan Fayard from Azur Wines

Choose a job that you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life is a mantra we like to live by, and certainly, Elan Fayard seems to have cracked this code as well. As the marketing and business side of Azur Rosé, Elan has blended her love of all things French with with a relaxed Napa lifestyle. We asked her a few questions about how she came to love rosé and what makes her tick.

What is the bottle of wine that made you fall in love with rosé?
I met my husband Julien Fayard, the winemaker for our wines, Azur, when I was studying abroad in France. He introduced me to his family’s winery, Chateau Sainte Marguerite, and that was the first bottle of rosé I had enjoyed and my journey into wine blossomed from there. 

What’s your favorite rosé and food pairing? 
Really just about everything! But I love a briny bowl of Mediterranean olives for an aperitif, fresh seafood or a wood-fired pizza. Best pairing is with good company any time of year. 

If you could pick any place to sip wine in 2018, where would it be? 
We’re fortunate in Napa Valley to have many hike-able hillsides, so the pinnacle place for me to sip wine this year would be at the top of one of these mountains that surround us. The gorgeous view and a picnic with dear friends is simply the best and easily attainable.

 What is your winemaker uniform and must-have gadget or accessory? 
Since I’m the “Chief Rosé Officer” and not the winemaker for Azur, I’m more often hosting tastings than hanging out in the cellar. Yet, I still opt for classic Napa wine style: sweaters, jeans and boots. And since I’m pouring wine instead of making wine, the Coravin has been widely used.

If you weren’t in the wine industry, what would be your profession? 
A traveling documentarian or journalist. I studied international communications at university, originally with the idea of going into journalism. I actually moved to San Francisco after university to follow that passion and became a radio host and restaurant reviewer, while on the side working for a tasting room. 

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