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2018's Most Anticipated Rosé Releases!

2018's Most Anticipated Rosé Releases!

There must be something in the air when rosé release season starts...our spidey-senses are on full alert as the pretty pink-hued bottles are hitting the shelves. When the 2017 vintage arrived, we were particularly excited because we now have friends in the rosé biz (perhaps due to our fanatisizum on social media) and naturally we wanted to support them and their endeavors.

So off to George's we went. A little back story here, we have a good friend George, who also shares this rosé appreciation, and once every couple months, we bring what we think is "way too many" bottles over to his house and we proceed to drink them all. What results is what we call "rosé poisoning" which is really just us not knowing when to stop enjoying all the pretty pink wines. 

Back to the story. We collected four bottles (and one can) of what we were most excited to try...and we were naturally very pleased with all the contenders. All were dry, thoughtfully crafted and accessible online or at a fine rosé purveyor near you. 

What we enjoyed and you should too: 


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