"A mutual love of travel, and finding the hidden gems along the way, inspired us to start Olive and Poppy."

Wine lovers are a spirited tribe, and we're two of them! Our collection of products are intended to be little pieces of significance from wine country that convey style and thoughtfulness. We design things that are meaningful to those that love the laid back vibes of wine country, and those that love to drink delicious wine. Many of our pieces use materials that are locally sourced in wine country and then reimagined into treasures. For us, we say, why just drink wine when you can wear it too!
The name Olive and Poppy is inspired by the vibrant, visual representations of the two parts of nature that are synonymous with wine countries throughout the world. Come spring, there are always thousands of colorful poppies growing right alongside the groves of olive trees that line winery driveways.
Anne and Nicole