Will Wander for Wine

Tipp Rambler - Sparkling Rosé

Good things come in small, pink packages! When our friend Wendi said that she and her husband were launching a single serving sparkling rosé, we were all ears (and mouths). Not only is Tipp Rambler adorable, and dangerously cute in it's 187ml format, but it's delicious too. The perfect aperitif at a dinner party, or filling a cooler at your next backyard party. Grab a 4-pack for $28!

Wendi, knowing we are obsessed with all things pink and bubbly, came to our office this week with her new baby boy AND some sparkling for us to enjoy at our leisure. We tried to hold out for an "occasion" to open one up, but seeing as they are perfect for just one glass, a cold Thursday night seemed fitting for fizz. Next time we will take a scenic picture of us enjoying a bottle at the top of Mount Tam or at a creekside campsite, but this batch will be consumed before the end of the week. I guess we will have to shuffle over to Oakville Grocery to get some more!

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