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Interview with Christine Wilson from Wilson Foreigner Wines

Interview with Christine Wilson from Wilson Foreigner Wines

When people hear Napa winemaker, they think "oh, they must make Cabernet or Sauvignon Blanc." But a few trailblazers are changing hearts and minds with unusual varietals like Valdiguié and Albariño. Christine Wilson and her husband Dave are making the next generation of wines from the Napa Valley called Wilson Foreigner. Approachable, food friendly and a expression of the land that they come from (what we like to call terroir around these parts.) 

Wine Enthusiast Magazine gave them kudos for being "one of six producers redefining Napa Valley red wine." 

We caught up with Christine last week to ask her a few questions as she heads into harvest....

Q:  What’s your favorite wine to sip on a hot summer day, and why? 
A:  Our Albariño is always a favorite since it's light and fresh, but dry and crisp rosés like the Jolie Laide rosé of Valdiguié and the Azur rosé are also favorites. 

Q:  We have wanderlust looking at everyone’s summer photos. Where do you want to travel right now and why? 
A:  Croatia.  I’ve always loved Bay Area artist Mitchell Johnson’s piece entitled Croatia. Exploring the islands there and sipping on white wines paired with fresh seafood is the type of trip we dream about.

Q:  As you gear up for harvest, what are you most excited about with the 2018 vintage?
A:  Each harvest is exciting, it's the culmination of a year's work in the vineyards and it's another year of learning and evolving in our business. 

Q:  Top three insider tips for visiting Napa Valley….go! 
A:  Get off the beaten path and don’t overbook yourself. 
1.  Grab a bottle of wine or do a tasting at ACME Fine Wines in St. Helena or Back Room Wines in Napa.  Both have knowledgeable staff and something for everyone.   
2.  Compline in downtown Napa is a one-stop shop – wine bar, restaurant, and wine retail. 
3.  Foodshed in North Napa has a deli, take-out kitchen and wine shop. The perfect stop for picnic provisions.  

Q:  What makes Napa a special place to live and raise a family?
A:  The quality of life. We're very fortunate to be raising a family in such a beautiful place and with a strong connection to the land.  

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