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A Note From Anne and Nicole

Dear Friends, 
What a strange and crazy time we’re living through. First, we hope that you and your families are all safe and well: hunkering down, staying positive and making the best of this situation is all that we can do right now. As you may have heard, all of the winery tasting rooms in California have closed for the time being and our thoughts go out to everyone in the wine and service industry who will be affected by this shut down. 
Olive and Poppy is open for business, albeit mostly from the comfort of our couches. We are fortunate to have an online business, and one that has a loyal group of customers like yourselves. Think of us as the Amazon of Napa Valley! While we don’t carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer, we do have gifts for every special occasion that will arise during this time of social distancing…birthdays, anniversaries and even St. Patrick’s Day deserve their time of celebration. 
SO, here’s the deal…for the immediate future, we are offering two things:

  1. FREE SHIPPING on all domestic shipments via standard USPS Mail. No code necessary. 
  2. CURBSIDE PICK-UP. You order it, and we will have it waiting for you on the porch of our downtown headquarters or deliver it locally within Napa County. 
We are a small business with a dedicated team, who is willing to go the extra mile to make someone’s day. Email us at and we can help you pick out something special or arrange a pick-up. 
In the meantime, we plan to cook, eat and take long walks to hopefully stave off the 19 pounds we may gain from the aforementioned cooking. We will bring you daily updates on our Instagram stories for a little levity and hopefully take your mind off being stuck in the house with kids, animals and large homework packets. Feel free to reach out…send us videos of animals doing funny things or a montage of all the wines you drank to get through the day!
Take care, and cheers from wine country!
Anne and Nicole 

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